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Introduction to the owner of Wades Home Designs LLC

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about our business

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Custom Designs

We provide high quality designs that fit your design needs and drawn to your specifications.

Designs for both Construction Experts and DIYers

Our plans provide the detail you need to build by someone with building experience

3D Visualization

With the power of Chief Architect, we can provide you 3D visuals of what your design will look like, without driving one nail!

Quality Homes

With Wades Home Designs LLC, you get a drafter that will work with you every step of the way. Contact us for details

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Drawing Your Dreams Into Reality

Whether you are looking to build a new home, add rooms or give your existing home that much needed facelift with a renovation, the first step to start the project is a good plan. We use the latest in 3 Dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Chief Architect, that gives you the feel and vision of what the design will look like. We take the hassle out of designing your home and allows you to enjoy the experience.

Wades Home Designs provides clean, detailed designs at an affordable price. We work one on one with the homeowner to ensure all of your requirements are included in the design. For construction companies, builders and homeowners, you can expect all of the details needed for permitting. This includes floor plans, framing plans, roof, foundation, windshear calculations, structural details, electrical layout and elevation.


For construction companies and builders, using Wades Home Designs will provide you the in-house drafting and design department without the high expense. Our values of integrity, honesty and the commitment to providing high quality products would be a great fit to your organization.


We are perfect for both construction companies and also the DIYers. These plans are detailed and designed to be asthetically beautiful and accurately detailed to follow to build. Don't rely on hand sketched designs, use our professional drafting service to make your build a much easier process. We are a licensed company in Virginia but can work with you no matter where you live. Use the navigation tabs to the left or at the top for more information.

If there are any questions you may have, see our FAQs or contact us at 540-422-5440!


The Benefits of our CAD Drawings

Visualization in 3D allows you to see what your designs will look like before the project even starts. Our prices are extremely reasonable and our customer service is top notch. All work is done professionally in accordance with the International Building Code (IRC), State and Local Code using Chief Architect CAD software.

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