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Introduction to the owner of Wades Home Designs LLC

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about our business

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Custom Designs

We provide high quality designs that fit your design needs and drawn to your specifications.

Designs for both Construction Experts and DIYers

Our plans provide the detail you need to build by someone with building experience

3D Visualization

With the power of Chief Architect, we can provide you 3D visuals of what your design will look like, without driving one nail!

Quality Homes

With Wades Home Designs LLC, you get a drafter that will work with you every step of the way. Contact us for details

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Kitchen and Cabinet Remodels


Remodel Designs

Getting the Design Just the Way You Want

We use the power of Chief Architect Premier to make the process very easy. We provide design services covering many different areas, including kitchen and bath layouts as well as custom cabinet designs which conform to National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) standards, we have done custom closet designs, custom roof designs and stair layouts. We can help you finish your existing plans, or start from a clean slate.

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The biggest key is to avoid the temptation to "save a dime" by sketching out a design on paper... by experience this has led to more problems and cost that is avoidable... our software can calculate all the measurements so leave nothing to chance.



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