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Introduction to the owner of Wades Home Designs LLC

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about our business

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Custom Designs

We provide high quality designs that fit your design needs and drawn to your specifications.

Designs for both Construction Experts and DIYers

Our plans provide the detail you need to build by someone with building experience

3D Visualization

With the power of Chief Architect, we can provide you 3D visuals of what your design will look like, without driving one nail!

Quality Homes

With Wades Home Designs LLC, you get a drafter that will work with you every step of the way. Contact us for details

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About Us



About Us

In the Beginning:

I used to draw homes, castles and buildings when I was young but never really pursued that dream. I joined the Army and served a career. After retiring, I worked in civil service to continue serving. It was when I was assigned to Hawaii years ago where I started draftingi, learning my trade under several drafters and architects. I have always loved the idea of giving people the designs to put what they wanted their home that could be built to their specifications.

The Here And Now:

After living overseas, I came back to Virginia and seen where my drafting experience and the love of design could once again be used. I had noticed a lot of newer subdivisions had the cookie cutter homes, homes designed much like their neighbors with little feel of what the homeowner truly likes. It was as if the large subdivision companies said "This is what we have, take it or not". After much thought and the wife's approval, I re-energized my drafting business. I can give the homeowner a custom design at an affordable price.

Where we're going:

I want to work with both homeowners and construction firms to bring a more individuality to professional home designs and provide clients the understanding that we care for their wants and needs, not what we think thiers ought to be...





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